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Towards the end of the 12th century, an anonymous German writer wrote in a love letter:

Du þist min ih bin din · des solt du gewis sin · du bist beslossen in minem herzen · verlorn ist daz sluzzellin · du muost och immer dar inne sin ·

Translating to:

You are min I am your • you should be sure of that • you are sealed in my heart • lost is the little key • you must always be in there

Considered the oldest German love letter, it is one of the best-known examples of medieval German literature.

In 2023, after successfully working as a fashion designer & conceptual artist for over 15 years, Simon Freund, took this love letter as the starting point for sluzzellin • a collection of timeless accessories, made in Germany with the highest materials and in the best quality available.

sluzzellin is available in select retail locations across the globe. For a full list, please get touch